Saturday, February 7, 2009

T -10 and counting/ minor league adds

10 days left until both major league keepers and minor league keepers are due. Yahoo has traditionally had their leagues up by the second week of February, so I anticipate getting the league up soon. Please check the "Super Bowl Eve" post to see how to access both of your rosters if you have not done so.

Please also remember that if you have a player in your minor league system who had 150 ABs or more, or had 45 IP or more at the MLB level, you must add them to you roster by the end of our draft or they become free agents and eligible for any team to bid on in week #1.
Daric Barton, who is on Team Ozzie, Jeff Clement who is on Team Clientele, and Brandon Wood, who is on Team YAZ, are the three players who need to be added this year. Ozzie, Clientele, and YAZ must add these players to their rosters in the draft (presumably with the last pick) or we can bid on them in week 1. Keep that in mind when finalizing rosters, scouting players, or moving players into the "do not draft column" on Yahoo.

When sending me your major league keepers, remember too that this is a "soft" list up until the draft, and that if you lose a keeper to injury or trade, you can add another player from your 24 man roster to replace him.

One final reminder- the draft will be the last Sunday in March at 6:30 EST/ 3:30 PST unless we can't get that slot (never been a problem before). Please add that time to your calender/Blackberry/i-phone whatever so you don't forget.
Thanks and I hope you guys consider paying me $17 mil like Selig.


Douglas said...

Any chance of moving a Sunday night draft back a couple of hours? 9pm Eastern/8pm Central/6pm Western would be perfect; because I work until 5pm WST, the current setup is problematic...


Commissioner Landis said...

Yes. A few guys have asked if I can push the draft back another hour or two. I will try to get a 5 PST time slot/ 8 EST.