Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2012 Minor Leaguers-w BA Top 100 evals

Perpetual Mediocrity- 13 points
1) Martin Perez- P- Texas Rangers-    3 points
2) Travis D'Arnaud- C- Toronto Blue Jays- 4 points
3) Matt Moore- P- Tampa Bay Rays- 5 points
4) Michael Choice- OF- Oakland Athletics- 1 point
5) Alex Wimmer- P- Minnesota Twins- 0
6) Deck McGuire- P- Toronto Blue Jays- 0

Gramercy Riffs- 6 points

1) Sean Doolittle- 1B- Oakland Athletics
2) Andy Oliver- P- Detroit Tigers

3) Johnny Giavotella- 2B- Kansas City Royals*- 5 points
4) Randal Grichuck- OF- Los Angeles Angels
5) Garret Richards- SP- Los Angeles Angels - 1 point

The Lone Ranger- 4 points

1) Nick Hagadone- P- Cleveland Indians 
2) Michael Ynoa- P- Oakland Athletics 
3) Grant Green- OF- Oakland Athletics
4) Manny Machado- SS- Baltimore Orioles- 4 points
5) Stolmy Pimentel- P- Red Sox

Blue Ballers- 11 points

1) Mike Moustakas- 3B- Kansas City Royals*- 5 points
2) Adeiny Hechevarria SS Toronto Blue Jays 
3) Christian Colon- SS- Kansas City Royals
4) Nick Castellanos- 3B- Detroit Tigers- 3 points
5) Michael Olt- 3B- Texas Rangers- 3 points

Trucknutz- 8 points

1) Tyler Flowers- C- Chicago White Sox 
2) Josh Reddick- OF- Oakland Athletics* - 5 points
3) Alex Liddi- SS- Seattle Mariners 
4) Will Meyers- C- Kansas Citty Royals- 3 points
5) John Lamb- P- Kansas City Royals

Bruce Bochte- 4 points

1) Chris Parmalee- 1B- Minnesota Twins 
2) Michael Bowden- P- Boston Red Sox 
3) Greg Halman- OF- Seattle Mariners 
4) Carlos Trufinel- SS- Seattle Mariners
5) Tajuan Walker- P- Seattle Mariners- 4 points

Billy Martin- 4 points

1) Lonnie Chisenhall-3B- Cleveland Indians
2) Tim Beckham- SS- Tampa Bay Rays 
3) Michael Montgomery- P- Kansas City Royals- 4 points
4) Austin Romine-C- New York Yankees
5) Jared Mitchell-OF- White Sox

Do Tell Dotel-  3 points

1) Chris Carter- 1B- Oakland Athletics
2) Chris Archer- P- Tampa Bay Rays- 1 point
3) Garin Cechinni- IF- Boston Red Sox
4) Jake Ordozzi- SP- Kansas City Royals- 2 points

Whurlitzer's Arrm- 7 points

1) Mike Trout-OF- Los Angeles Angels- 5 points
2) Kyle Gibson-P- Minnesota Twins
3) Jean Segura-IF- Los Angeles Angels- 2 points
4) Josh Sale- OF- Tampa Bay Rays

Alphalpha Sprouts- 12 points

1) Jesus Montero-C- Seattle Mariners- 5 points
2) Jacob McGee- P- Tampa Bay Rays 
3) Aaron Hicks- OF- Minnesota Twins
4) Gary Sanchez- C- New York Yankees- 1 point
5) Jurickson Profar- SS- Texas Rangers- 5 points
6) Joe Benson- OF- Minnesota Twins- 1 point

Wade Boggs- 8 points

1) Nick Franklin- SS- Seattle Mariners- 1 point
2) Miguel Angel Sano -SS- Minnesota Twins- 4 points 
3) Manuel Banuelos- P- New York Yankees- 3 points

YAZ Slashers- 9 points

1) Ben Revere- OF- Minnesota Twins* - 5 points
2) Jose Iglesias-SS- Boston Red Sox 
3) Jacob Turner- P- Detroit Tigers-  4 points

4) Anthony Ranuado- P- Boston Red Sox

* Designates players has achieved 150 ABs or 45 IP and must be added to owners 24 man roster in 2011 draft or become an unrestricted free agent. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Blue Ballers/ Dotel Ballers/The Realness trades

Blue Ballers acquires Howie Kendrick from Do Tell Dotel for a 3rd round pick in the 2012 draft.

Blue Ballers then acquires The Realness's 2nd pick in the 2012 draft for BJ Upton.

Please be aware of the people you are drafting for during the draft. It is your responsibility to communicate with  them and to make the proper selections for them.