Saturday, January 31, 2009

Super Bowl Eve

It is the eve of the Super Bowl and that means many things. The sunlight is staying out a little longer each night, I can actually see a sunrise on the way to work, and the weather is getting more and more mild. March Madness is right around the corner, and with it, scouting for the draft. Yahoo should have the site up and running in the next two weeks. I will send e-vites out to all of you guys as soon as I get it established. If you do not want to play in the league this year let me know ASAP. It would be nice so a new owner could get involved right away before the draft.

Your keepers, BOTH for your majors and minors rosters are due on the 17th. Please go to the left hand side of the blog and find the archives section. Click on the arrow next to "2008" and then click on "September". It should give you a list or link to your team's 2008 roster. Please pick 7 guys off this roster for your MLB keepers. You can always substitute another player off of this roster if you need to up until the draft in the event one of your keepers is traded, signs elsewhere, or is injured.

After you have selected your keepers for your MLB roster, please go back to the archives section on the blog and again click on the arrow next to "2008". Click on "July" and click on a post named "July 29th- Minors Rosters". This should allow you to see your minors roster. Please tell me what players you are keeping and dropping. This information is valuable because we can then exclude some minors players from our draft lists, and in some cases, perhaps add them to our draft lists. It will also be helpful when the Rotoworld Top 150 prospects comes out in March and we evaluate your farm team for minors draft position.

The draft order, with traded draft spots, is on the blog in the October archives. Please note where you are picking and when you are picking for another team. Remember that our draft will be the last Sunday in March, around 3:30 PST/ 6:30 EST. Try to clear the time on your schedule.
The league fee is still $25, and I think that is more than reasonable. There will be no economic bailouts. YAZ you cannot pay in Drew Bledsoe Starting Line-up dolls, and Felix, you cannot pay in Asian blow-up dolls. Bruce Bochte "won" the porn prize last year and since he works with Billy Martin, I assume that Bochte has been paid. Because Laddie never claimed the previous year's prize, and because I have added to it, this years last place porn package is bigger than ever-like Tom Byron on a tube8 clip.
Anyway, any questions, please post or shoot me an e-mail. I am eagerly awaiting spring training. I hope you are too. Also, Blue Ballers- way to get the trash talk started early. You are like the Yankees, if you don't win it, you have to make some kind of noise in the off-season. Don't you still owe me beers after I beat you head to head both times last year? Oh yeah, thats what I thought.

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