Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pitchers and catchers in about 30 days

Looks like the player movement has started to level out with pitchers and catchers reporting in about 30 days and the rest of the players coming in about a week after that. If you need to look over your roster to determine your keepers, please look back in the September or October archives. Complete rosters are there.

Remember, 7 keepers are due to me on the 17th of February. If a keeper should get hurt up until a week before the draft, like Escobar did last year on Sprout's roster, I think it is fair to let the manager substitute another player off his 2008 roster to take the injured player's slot. This should only be in cases of emergencies, so please be judicious when naming your keepers.

I will also need your keepers off of your minor league roster on the 17th too. This will help in planning for the draft and, I also expect the Rotoworld top 150 prospects list the first week of March or so. We can look at that as more info becomes available from Rotoworld, but I think that is a fair thing to ask.

Any questions or dipshit comments on Teixshare-ass like Ballers, post them or let me know.



Adam Garrett said...

"Dipshit Comments" I'm hurt Jerry. Oh yeah by the way, Markakis and Greinke just inked multi-year deals. Let the dynasty begin baby!!!

Commissioner Landis said...

Shit. You need to talk yourself up. And you have a lot of decent guys to protect but can only keep 7. Who goes- AJB, Hunter, Abreu? With no 1st rounder and lsing some key talent, you are like the rest of us- hoping guys can stay healthy!