Saturday, December 13, 2008

Winter meetings & update

With the winter meetings over, some player movement will affect rosters for setting keepers or planning for the draft. Javier Vazquez was dealt to the NL as was JJ Putz. Raul Ibanez left the AL for the World Champion Phillies. Ramon Hernandez was dealt to the Reds. If you had these players, please adust your rosters accordingly.

CC Sabathia came back to the AL and is eligible for our draft. Kerry Wood also will be coming to the AL and will also be elgible for our draft.

Some other players to keep an eye on to see if they switch leagues are:

Mark Teixiera (leaving AL?)
Bobby Abreu (leaving AL?)
Derek Lowe (back to AL?)
Manny Ramirez (back to AL?)
Rafael Furcal (AL first timer?)

Remember- there is no compensation in the off-season, but you have your whole 24 man roster available to you before keepers are due on Feb 17th.

Finally, as Laddie pointed out to me- how come there were 13 votes with only 12 teams in our league for the IP/CG stat switch? The final vote was 8-5 in favor of adding IP to replace CG. I don't have an answer. Maybe someone voted twice. Maybe someone stumbled on to the site while surfing the internet and voted. I have not heard an uproar from anyone, so we will let the stat change stand. If enough of you feel it is an issue, we can vote on the Yahoo site in the spring, just let me know.


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Adam Garrett said...

Big Tex inked with the Evil Empire for 8 years!!! Woo-hoo!!!