Sunday, February 15, 2009

Major League Keepers

Here are the 7 major league keepers for every team. Sprouts and Laddie will have theirs in later tonight. Please be sure that you exclude all of these players from your draft board. They will be assigned to your team in the first 7 rounds of the draft. Yahoo will place these players on your respective teams. The draft will start in earnest in Round #8 with Bochte picking first. I will post the updated draft order soon. Thanks to everyone e-mailing, posting, texting, and calling me.

Supreme Clientele:

Nelson Cruz- Rangers
Mike Napoli- Angels
Carlos Pena- Rays
Brian Roberts- Orioles
Dice-K Matsusaka- Red Sox
Matt Garza- Rays
Ervin Santana- Angels

Gramercy Riffs:

Jermaine Dye- White Sox
Ichiro Suzuki- Mariners
Vladimir Guerrero- Angels
Dustin Pedroia- Red Sox
Jhonny Peralta- Indians
Frank Francisco- Rangers
Armando Galarraga - Tigers

Bruce Bochte:

Adam Jones- Orioles
Justin Morneau- Twins
Asdrubal Cabrera- Indians
Kevin Slowey- Twins
Michael Cuddyer- Twins
Joakin Soria- Royals
Brendan Morrow- Mariners

Billy Martin:

Derek Jeter- Yankees
Robinson Cano- Yankees
Alex Rios- Blue Jays
Dioneer Navarro- Rays
Mariano Rivera- Yankees
Chein Meing Wang- Yankees
Dustin McGowan- Blue Jays

Wade Boggs:

Kevin Youkilis- Red Sox
Ian Kinsler- Rangers
Alex Gordon- Royals
Curtis Granderson- Tigers
Carlos Quentin- White Sox
Jon Lester- Red Sox
Joba Chamberlin- Yankees

Blue Ballers:

BJ Upton- Rays
Bobby Abreu- Angels
Orlando Cabrera- FA
Mark Teixiera- Yankees
Nick Markakis- Orioles
Felix Hernandez- Mariners
Zack Grienke- Royals


Johnny Damon- Yankees
Bobby Crosby- Athletics
Cliff Lee- Indians
Victor Martinez- Indians
Roy Halladay- Blue Jays
Nick Swisher- Yankees
Jacoby Ellsbury- Red Sox

Felix Mantilla:

Michael Young- Rangers
Jason Bay- Red Sox
Vernon Wells- Blue Jays
Justin Masterson- Red Sox
Jason Giambi- Athletics
Erik Bedard- Mariners
Delmon Young- Twins


Carl Crawford- Rays
Evan Longoria- Rays
Joe Mauer- Twins
James Shields- Rays
Joe Nathan- Twins
Josh Hamilton- Rangers
Chris Davis- Rangers

Whurlitzer's Arm:

AJ Burnett- Yankees
John Lackey- Angels
Jonathan Papelbon- Red Sox
Aubrey Huff- Orioles
Alexei Ramirez- White Sox
Howie Kendrick- Angels
Grady Sizemore- Indians

Captain's Lads:

David Ortiz- Red Sox
Miguel Cabrera- Tigers
Magglio Ordonez- Tigers
Jarrod Saltalamacchia- Rangers
Scott Kazmir- Rays
Francisco Liriano- Twins
Tori Hunter- Angels

Alphalpha Sprouts: TBA

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