Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Waivers/ Bids

Waivers/ Bidding

There is no waiver rule in the Kelly Leak All- Star League. If an owner wants to add a player out of the free agent pool, a “bid” is sent via e-mail to the league commissioner. Bids must be in 25-cent increments and the minimum low bid is $1. All bids must be sent be received by the commissioner by 8:00 PM PST/ 11:00 PM EST on each Thursday of the week. The team with the highest bid wins that player for the week. A running tabulation is kept through the Yahoo League page. All owners are encouraged to settle their balances by the ASB, Labor Day, and the end of the season via Paypal.

EXAMPLE: Team A sends an e-mail (through the league e-mail or personal e-mail) stating “I bid $2.50 for Al Nipper. I have an open roster spot”. Team B may also send an e-mail stating “ I bid $5.00 for Al Nipper. If I get him, please drop Sammy Stewart”. In this scenario, Team B would have won the rights to claim Nipper. $5 would be added to Team B’s ledger.

The commissioner will add the player to each team’s roster. In the event that he cannot add the player, (rosters may be full, player may not be DLed yet) an owner has one week to make the roster move himself. Teams are not allowed to make roster moves to “block” other teams from making a move.

In the event that two teams make the same bid for a player, those two teams will have 24 hours to re-bid against one another for that player’s services.

Commissioner bids need to be in to a player not bidding that week, by Wednesday, a day before other teams bids are due.

Players are encouraged to put “bid” in the re: part of the e-mail so they are not opened before Thursday.

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