Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Minor League Rules

Minor League Rules

Minors draft is held after the Majors draft. It is held on the league page on the message board. Each owner has 24 hours to make a selection. Draft order is determined on the strength of minor league system. Currently players are evaluated according to Rotoworld’s Top 150 prospect list that comes out in early March.

5 points – Top 10 prospect or MLB player/non-rookie
4 points – Top 11-25 prospect
3 points – Top 26-50 prospect
2 points – Top 51- 100 prospect
1 point – Top 100- 150 prospect
0 points- Not on list/ empty roster spot

The teams graded with lowest score get the highest draft pick. Draft order is then determined. Teams draft until all rosters are full with 6 players, or owner opts out.

Once a minor league player is called up to major league roster he cannot be “sent down”. He is considered a member of that teams MLB roster and falls under the keeper rules of the 24-man roster.

An owner can call up a minor league player at any time and does not have to post a “bidding fee” for the minor league player.

Each owner may carry up to six minor league players or fewer in a season.

Minor league players may be traded and minor league draft picks may be traded.

Minor league rosters are frozen at the same time keepers are due to the league office. Players may be called up from a minors roster after the MLB draft. If they have accumulated 150 ABs or 45 IP they must be called up, or waived. This prevents players from stashing players on the minors rosters.

EXAMPLE: Blue Ballers has Ben Zobrist and John Rhienecker on his minors roster. Zobrist has over 150 ABs and Rhienecker has over 45 IP. During or immediately after the completion of the MLB draft, Ballers may either call up these players to his 24 man roster, or he loses them into the FA pool, meaning that any team may bid on them in week #1’s bid process.

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