Tuesday, July 29, 2008



Because Kelly Leak is an AL-only league, at times during the season, a player may be traded from the AL to the NL. In this event, the team with the player being traded has the option of taking the traded player. If a player is traded for minor league players, the owner may take those minor league players, given he has roster room for them.

EXAMPLE 1: Team A has Ed Whitson on his team. Whitson is dealt to the NL for Dave Parker. Team A can then take Parker with no bidding fee, if he wants.

The exception is that if it is a grossly unbalanced trade, the compensation may be overruled. For example, Cory Lidle was dealt from the AL to the NL in a salary dump involving Bob Abreu. Lidle is nowhere near the worth of Abreu. Lidle’s owner was offered a free waiver move later, but Abreu was open to all teams to bid on. In this circumstance, the league members discussed the options and decided what was in the best interest and integrity of the league and then voted on it.

EXAMPLE 2: Team B has Bump Willis. Willis is dealt to the NL for 3 minor leaguers. Team B may take ONE of those three minor leaguers, if he has roster space. Team B can drop one of his minor leaguers to make roster space if so desired.

NO Compensation is awarded if a minor leaguer is traded. There are several reasons for this. First and foremost, it allows new players into the league whom other teams may bid on, increasing the end-of-year pot of money. Second of all, prospects are still prospects, the debate of their value and if they will pan out is never ending. A team getting an MVP-type player for an unknown, questionable prospect in a fantasy league that uses a limited player pool affects the integrity of the league. Compensation is a pain in the ass, and has some inconsistencies. The less we can do, the better

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