Monday, March 30, 2009

Minors Rule Change

With a 6-1 vote, we have decided to stop using Rotoworld's Top 150 Prospects List and instead will be using Baseball America's Top 100 Prospect List to evaluate minor league systems.

I changed the scoring to 1 point for a prospect ranked 76-100. Using the Rotoworld tool it was 1 point if your prospect was ranked 100-150. I dont think this is a big deal and is fair if we are shortening the list looking at top 100 instead of 150.

Here is an updated review of how the systems are to be ranked:

Minors draft is held after the Majors draft. It is held on the league page on the message board. Each owner has 24 hours to make a selection. Draft order is determined on the strength of minor league system. Currently players are evaluated according to Baseball America's Top 100 prospect list that comes out in February/March.

5 points – Top 10 prospect or MLB player/non-rookie

4 points – Top 11-25 prospect

3 points – Top 26-50 prospect

2 points – Top 51- 75 prospect

1 point – Top 76-100 prospect

0 points- Not on list/ empty roster spot

If you want the full skinny on how it works, please check here:


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