Saturday, September 27, 2008

Billy Martin's final roster

Here is Martin's final roster. He will have to name his seven keepers on Feb. 17, the start of spring training. If he loses any keeper between now and draft day, he can add another player from this roster to take the lost players slot.

PLAYERS: Kurt Suzuki, Ryan Garko, Robinson Cano, Hank Blalock, Derek Jeter, Xavier Nady, Alex Rios, David DeJesus, Adrian Beltre, Dioneer Navvaro, Ross Gload, Melky Cabrera

PITCHERS: Mariano Rivera, Chein-Ming Wang, John Garland, Brandon McCarthy, Nate Robertson, Clayton Richard, Scott Linebrink, Javier Lopez, Octavio Dotel, Andy Pettite, Sidney Ponson, Ramon Ramirez, Jarrod Washburn, Luke Hochevar, Dustin McGowan.

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