Saturday, October 6, 2012

2012 Traded draft picks

Here is a list of all the traded draft picks. I will try to make sure these are entered in Yahoo before the draft  so we elminate the drafting for another in the chat room. If I cannot, then we deal with that we have. If there is a mistake, please let me know, but I think this is all of them.

Dotel has Lone Rangers 3rd round pick for Victor Martinez

Dotel has Riffs 1st rounder for Luke Scott

Dotel has Lone Rangers 24th pick for Vlad Guerrero

Wade Boggs has Dotels 1st and 3rd rounder for Jon Lester

Billy Martin has Bochtes 6th rounder for Nick Blackburn
Lone Rangers has Whurlitzer's 2nd rounder for Mike Young

Trucknutz has Blue Ballers 3rd and 6th rounder for Jose Valverde and Brennan Boesch

Bochte has Billy Martin's 4th rounder for JP Arencibia.

Perpetual has one of Bogg's 1st round picks for Colby Rasmus (Dortel's 1st round pick which was dealt for Lester)

Lone Rangers has Dotels 7th round pick for Joel Peralta

Perpetual takes Ballers 2nd round pick, while Ballers takes Perpetual's 24th round pick for Wei-Yin Chen

Yaz gets WA's 1st rounder for Clay Buchholz
WA gets YAZ's 24th in the Buchholz trade

YAZ gets Dotels 2nd rounder for Konerko
Dotel gets YAZ's 23rd in the Konerko trade

Trunkutz gets Ballers 8th round pick in the Kendrick/Humber'Harrison/Iwakamua trade
Truknutz gets Ballers 12th rounder in the Kendrick/Iwakamua trade
Ballers gets Trucknutz 23rd rounder in Kendrick/Iwakamua trade
Ballers gets Trucknutz 24th rounder in Kendrick/ Iwakamua trade

YAZ gets Dotels 5th rounder for Aceves trade
Dotel gets YAZ 22nd rounder for Aceves trade