Sunday, January 8, 2012

Welcome back- 2012 draft order and info.

OK guys, with fantasy football over and the hockey season at the mid-point, it is time to start thinking of the fantasy baseball season. Spring training is about 6 weeks away and it is never too early to start prepping for what is a competitive draft in a competitive league.

By Feb 17 I will need a list of your 7 "soft" keepers. You can make changes to that list of 7 if you NEED TO because of injury or demotion, but please try not to wait until the last minute to make a change. Last year two teams tried to make changes the day of the draft. That is not cool to those of us that put the time in and did many mock drafts to prepare.With that in mind, no changes made to your keepers 48 hours prior to the draft period (unless player is out for year).

In addition, these 3 players went over 150 ABS or 45 IP, which means they must be added to their owner's roster or be in the FA pool for Week #1 of bids:

Mike Moustakas- Blue Ballers
Ben Revere- YAZ
Tyler Chatwood- Trucknutz

Here is the draft order followed by the traded picks.

1) Bruce Bochte
2) Alphalpha  Sprouts
3) Gramercy Rifts
4) YAZ
5) Felix Mantila
6) Blue Ballers
7) Do Tell Dotel
8) Captain Laddie
9) Wade Boggs
10) Billy Martin
11) Whurlitzer's Arm
12) Trucknutz

Dotel has Wade Bogg's 3rd round pick (Alex Gordon trade)
Dotel has Blue Ballers 5th round pick (Chone Figgins trade)

Our draft starts in the 8th round technically, once keepers are assigned, and we have a 24 man roster. Once the Astros move into the AL in 2013, if you want a 25 man roster, we can do that.

Last but not least, I say that the winner of the consolation bracket will no longer be winning money, since they no have the first pick in the draft. I am for allocating that money to the third place finisher.

Any questions or concerns shoot me an e-mail or comment on the blog.


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