Saturday, March 26, 2011

Update 2011 Minor League Minors Rosters

Captain Laddie
1) Martin Perez- P- Texas Rangers
2) Travis D'Arnaud- C- Toronto Blue Jays
3) Matt Moore- P- Tampa Bay Rays
4) Michael Choice- OF- Oakland Athletics
5) Alex Wimmer- P- Minnesota Twins
6) Deck McGuire- P- Toronto Blue Jays

Gramercy Riffs

1) Sean Doolittle- 1B- Oakland Athletics
2) Andy Oliver- P- Detroit Tigers

3) Johnny Giavotella- 2B- Kansas City Royals
4) Randal Grichuck- OF- Los Angeles Angels
5) Garret Richards- SP- Los Angeles Angels 

Felix Mantilla

1) Nick Hagadone- P- Cleveland Indians 
2) Michael Ynoa- P- Oakland Athletics 
3) Grant Green- OF- Oakland Athletics
4) Manny Machado- SS- Baltimore Orioles
5) Stolmy Pimentel- P- Red Sox

Blue Ballers

1) Mike Moustakas- 3B- Kansas City Royals*
2) Adeiny Hechevarria SS Toronto Blue Jays 
3) Christian Colon- SS- Kansas City Royals
4) Nick Castellanos- 3B- Detroit Tigers
5) Michael Olt- 3B- Texas Rangers


1) Tyler Flowers- C- Chicago White Sox 
2) Josh Reddick- OF- Oakland Athletics 
3) Alex Liddi- SS- Seattle Mariners 
4) Will Meyers- C- Kansas Citty Royals
5) John Lamb- P- Kansas City Royals

Bruce Bochte

1) Chris Parmalee- 1B- Minnesota Twins 
2) Michael Bowden- P- Boston Red Sox
3) JP Arencibia-C- Toronto Blue Jays 
4) Greg Halman- OF- Seattle Mariners 
5) Carlos Trufinel- SS- Seattle Mariners
6) Tajuan Walker- P- Seattle Mariners

Billy Martin

1) Lonnie Chisenhall-3B- Cleveland Indians
2) Andrew Brackman- P- New York Yankees
3) Tim Beckham- SS- Tampa Bay Rays 
4) Michael Montgomery- P- Kansas City Royals
5) Austin Romine-C- New York Yankees
6) Jared Mitchell-OF- White Sox

Do Tell Dotel

1) Chris Carter- 1B- Oakland Athletics
2) Chris Archer- P- Tampa Bay Rays
3) Garin Cechinni- IF- Boston Red Sox
4) Jake Ordozzi- SP- Kansas City Royals

Whurlitzer's Arrm

1) Mike Trout-OF- Los Angeles Angels
2) Kyle Gibson-P- Minnesota Twins
3) Jean Segura-IF- Los Angeles Angels
4) Josh Sale- OF- Tampa Bay Rays

Alphalpha Sprouts

1) Jesus Montero-C- New York Yankees 
2) Jacob McGee- P- Tampa Bay Rays 
3) Aaron Hicks- OF- Minnesota Twins
4) Gary Sanchez- C- New York Yankees
5) Jurickson Profar- SS- Texas Rangers
6) Joe Benson- OF- Minnesota Twins

Wade Boggs

1) Nick Franklin- SS- Seattle Mariners
2) Miguel Angel Sano -SS- Minnesota Twins 
3) Manuel Banuelos- P- New York Yankees

YAZ Slashers

1) Ben Revere- OF- Minnesota Twins* 
2) Jose Iglesias-SS- Boston Red Sox 
3) Jacob Turner- P- Detroit Tigers- 
4) Ryan Strieby- 1B/OF- Detroit Tigers
5) Anthony Ranuado- P- Boston Red Sox

* Designates players has achieved 150 ABs or 45 IP and must be added to owners 24 man roster in 2011 draft or become an unrestricted free agent. 

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Douglas Murchie said...

Hey Jerry, Segura is an infielder; you have him as a pitcher on the keeper list. FYI, FWIW, etc.