Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2011 Draft order

Here is the draft order for the 2011 draft. Remember that technically our draft starts in Round #8 after Yahoo assigns each team their 7 keepers. With that in mind, here is the draft order, with traded draft picks included:

1) Underdogs (new owner)
2) Bruce Bochte
3) Felix Mantilla
4) DylanMarsh (new owner)
5) Blue Ballers
6) Alphalpha Sprouts
7) Gramercy Riffs
8) Captain Laddie
9) Billy Martin
10) YAZ
11) Wade Boggs
12) Sprouts (Whurlitzer picking- Danks trade)

Round 2

13) Whurlitzer
14) Boggs
15) YAZ
16) Martin
17) Laddie
18) Riffs
19) Sprouts
20) Bochte (Ballers picking- Adam Jones trade)
21) Dylanmarsh
22) Felix
23) Bochte
24) Underdogs

Round 3

25) Underdogs
26) Bochte
27) Felix
28) Dylanmarsh
29) Blue Ballers
30) Sprouts
31) Riffs
32) Laddie
33) Martin
34) Bochte (YAZ picking- Pavano trade)
35) Boggs
36) Whurlitzer

We then snake back. In Round #5 Bochte has Billy Martin's pick for the Blackburn trade- so Martin, cross off your 5th rounder.

In Round #6,  Martin has Wade Bogg's pick for the Jed Lowrie trade- so Martin add a 6th and Boggs will pick for you.

EDIT: Thanks to WA and BigMike for pointing this out!

Finally, Whurlitzer gets Sprouts's pick in the 24th and final round to complete the John Danks trade.

Please be sure you attend the draft, COMMUNICATE, and pick for the person whom you traded with.

thanks- Commissioner Landis

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Douglas Murchie said...

Commish: I get Big Mike's pick in the 24th round - you have it backwards...