Sunday, December 27, 2009

2010 Draft Order

Here is the preliminary draft order for 2010. I have taken into account all trades. If, like Al Davis, you are shocked that you do not have a pick in a certain round, please refer to previous posts regarding specifc trades.

All trades are documented and can be found in posts from last summer.

Keep in mind that while I have labled this order "Round #1" it is technically "Round #8" since the first 7 picks are slotted for your keepers.

You can trade draft postions and players up until draft day, just keep us all informed- I have to set the keepers before the draft.

Round #1

1) Alphalpha Sprouts
2) Felix Mantilla
3) Gramercy Riffs
4) Captain Lad's
5) Supreme Clientele
6) Underdogs
7) Billy Martin
8) Bruce Bochte
9) Wade Boggs
10) Blue Ballers
11) Whurlitzer's Arm
12) YAZ Slashers

Round #2

13) YAZ
14) Whurlitzer
15) Ballers
16) Boggs
17) Laddie (Bochte will be picking for him)
18) Martin
19) Underdogs
20) Clientele
21) Laddie
22) Riffs
23) Felix
24) Sprouts

Round #3

25) Sprouts
26) Felix
27) Riffs
28) Laddie
29) Sprouts (Clientele will be picking for him)
30) Underdogs
31) Martin
32) Clientele (Bochte will be picking for him)
33) Boggs
34) Sprouts (Ballers will be picking for him)
35) Whurlitzer
36) Sprouts (YAZ will be picking for him)

Round #4

37) YAZ
38) Whurlitzer
39) Laddie (Ballers will be picking for him)
40) Clientele (Boggs will be picking for him)
41) Bochte
42) Martin
43) Underdogs
44) Clientele
45) Laddie
46) Riffs
47) Felix
48) Sprouts

We then snake back starting with Sprouts in Round 5.

Round 6: Sprouts has Ballers 6th rounder, so Ballers will pick for Sprouts

Round 12: Clientele has Whurlitzer's 12th rounder, so Whurlitzer picks for Clientele

Round 24: YAZ has Sprouts 24th pick, so Sprouts will be picking for YAZ

Hope this all makes sense. If you have questions, ask me.

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